Drivey drivey to granny granny

As I have stated below kids do cool things, all over the world, and we love them for that. In Finland they shoot people, in the US they shoot people, in Australia they shoot people feed animals and in Japan they drive cars.

Kid, 9, felt lonely. Loneliness having overcome him, he decided granny’s the way to go and the solution to his problems. Ergo he jumped in the car of his parents which had the key conveniently placed in the ignition, and off he went.

(via Yahoo! News)


“I learned from my father’s driving and at game arcades,” Kyodo News quoted the boy as telling police.


The police received a call from a passer-by who reported having seen a driver-less car running down the street, as the boy was apparently too short to be seen from outside the vehicle, a police spokesman said.


The police found the car in a convenience store parking lot, after the pint-sized motorist had lost his way. They warned the boy’s parents to keep a closer eye on their car, the spokesman added.

I would’ve rewarded him. Full day at the track. In an Ariel Atom. `nuff said.

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