What to name your baby

Yahoo OMG! has a list of 5 names people with no occupation celebrities used this year for their babies.

BRONX MOWGLI: This year’s most unusual moniker, courtesy of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.

SUNDAY ROSE: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcomed their baby girl on a Monday, then named her for the day before.

ZUMA NESTA ROCK: When he’s old enough, Gwen Stefani’s baby boy might want to change his first name to something that sounds less like a certain clear malt beverage and lose the other two names altogether.

HONOR MARIE: An honorable mention — sorry, we couldn’t resist — goes to the daughter of Jessica Alba and her husband, Cash Warren. Honor should get a lifetime of instant respect, based on her first name alone.

BUSTER TIMOTHY: The name Buster has been around a long time — all the way back to the silent film era when comic actor Buster Keaton used sight gags to get laughs.

For the complete mockery motivation behind these names, see the full article. All I can ask, after reading the motives, is WHY?

4 Responses to “What to name your baby”

  1. Eu ma gandeam sa imi botez baiatul (cand l-oi avea) Izvor, dar mi-au sarit prietenele in cap ca nu sunt normala. Inca mi se pare un nume deosebit si original. Si suna si ft bine. Izvor.

  2. Si daca ai fata ii spui Izvorata?

  3. Daca-i fata…. Briana.

  4. Briana Banks! 😉

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