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Blackberry Prepay Service

Posted in Technology/IT with tags on November 5, 2008 by the Zookeeper

Asta se potriveste fetelor cu Vertu care dau bip, si mesaje pe Nokia 1200, sa para si arate si ele ca nu doar de fitza, cum fac multe cu Pearl-ul.

Blackberry service without a plan. Basically you pay for a month or by the day. This is a great way for people who don’t want to be stuck to a contract, who switch SIM cards often, or travel to places for extended periods of time. The first place where they offered it is apparently Malaysia.

It’s not quite like you get lifetime service out of the box, since they want to charge too much monthly, but if it’d be stuck to a device it would be a good business model for them, I’m sure many BB users switch after 3 years tops.

Don’t expect this until next year, from Boy Genius Report

Blackberry Storm – C’mon already

Posted in Technology/IT with tags on November 4, 2008 by the Zookeeper


Vodafone Romania started carrying the Blackberry Bold last week, starting at 349EUR. This is ages after Orange RO started carrying it. I’ve received news that the Storm will be out in the second half of the month, so I’ll be waiting!!!

Nokia N96

Posted in Technology/IT with tags , on October 10, 2008 by the Zookeeper

Unii prieteni de-ai mei inca mai asteapta sa fie disponibil in RO Nokia N96 (photo).

Trezirea, muncitori ai patriei, se gaseste in galerii comerciale la aprox. 2900RON, sau ~2400RON pe reselerii mari pe net. Deci strangeti vreo 2-3 salarii si luati-va cate unul, doar vine craciunul, trebuie sa va aratati cumva nivelul de trai.

Daca nu acela este criteriul nr. 1, atunci uitati-va la Nokia E71, cu vreo 900RON mai ieftin si mai interesant, din punct de vedere non-multimedia. Vine Blackberry 9500 Storm (photo jos), sau asteptati pana apare si la noi noul Blackberry Curve 8900

Storm-ul ne arata cum va arata interfata ne-customizata Vodafone, sau Verizon. Amandoi operatorii au teme individuale, cea Bell Canada fiind mai generica pentru restul operatorilor mondiali.

Nu va dau link-uri de unde sa cumparati Nokia, de data asta…

Buying a Netbook in Romania

Posted in Technology/IT with tags , , on October 8, 2008 by the Zookeeper

So you’ve seen people at cafes with these, read my previous article and you think you want one?

Some of the best options look like this:

  • Acer Aspire One A150-BW with a 8.9″ 1024×600 display, Windows XP Home,  120GB Hard Drive, in White, for 1500RON at time of posting here (Linux for 1400)
  • MSI Wind U100-009NL with 10″ 1024×600 display, Windows XP Home, 1GB RAM, 80GB Hard Drive, Black for 1490RON on at time of posting here (Linux for 1300)
  • MSI Wind U100-266NL with 10″ 1024×600 display, Windows XP Home, 1GB RAM, 160GB Hard Drive, Bluetooth!, in Black for 1615RON on at time of posting here
  • The other way to go Orange for the Asus EEE PC 901 (the EEE PC 1000H has Linux). Be ready to sign a one year contract for a HSDPA modem (<12Eur/month).

Update on the Blackberry 9500 Storm: Vodafone has an interactive site up. You can download the emulator if you want to check out the interface (choose OS 4.7).

BTW: We don’t get paid for the links, if you find lower prices somewhere else (and actually anything is stock), we’ll update that.

Blackberry Storm Vodafone Launch Video

Posted in Fashion, Stiri/News, Technology/IT with tags , , on October 7, 2008 by the Zookeeper

Refresher: 3G, GPS, WiFi, 3.2MP Autofocus camera, Modem Tethering, 3.25″ 480×360 Haptic Multitouch “Click” Display, up to 16GB microSDHC Card available

Fete si telefoane

Posted in Hi-Li, Social with tags , , , , on October 6, 2008 by Le Roi

Dupa amiaza ploioasa. Locatie centrala. Cafenea secreta. Masa de trei fete. Doua cu BlackBerry 8320 Curve. Oare-l luasera pentru nume?