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Kid shot dad. And dad’s buddy.

Posted in Kidz, Stiri/News with tags , , on November 9, 2008 by Le Roi

Here at Bedroom Republik we love kids. We love them because they taste just like chicken. And because they do cool things like feed animals to crocodiles, operate guns and cars(there’s one coming about that too). We just love them because they’re so adorable. Take this new kid, for example, from Arizona. He was taught by his old man how to shoot a .22 caliber rifle and then he proved his dad how good a shot he was by killing him. Incidentally there was another guy around the house, so the kid decided to show him to how good he can shoot guns so he killed the other man too. Then he went to their neighbours’ house and said “I think daddy’s deady” or something along those lines.

What do the police say?

The boy, who faces two counts of premeditated murder, did not act on the spur of the moment, St. Johns Police Chief Roy Melnick said. Police are looking into whether he might have been abused. “We’re going to use every avenue of the law that’s available to us, but we’re also looking at the human side,” he said.

What about the kid?

The boy’s lawyer, Benjamin Brewer, said his client is generally in good spirits. “He’s scared,” he said. “He’s trying to be tough, but he’s scared.”

And about the investigation?

Melnick said police got a confession, but Brewer said police overreached in questioning the boy without representation from a parent or attorney and did not advise him of his rights. – without representation from a parent? Post mortem? Is that possible?

(via Yahoo! News)

Kid shot himself

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For some strange reason, Yahoo thinks I’m from Boston and it therefore shows me all kinds of local news, like this one. That’s how I learned about the 8 year old kid that shot himself. In the head. With a fully automatic gun. A machine gun, actually. Uzi.

“Witnesses state that he was shooting the weapon down range when the force of the weapon made it travel up and back toward his head, where he suffered the injury,” the police statement read.

And this under his dad’s supervision.

The boy’s father was at the event and accompanied him to the hospital, police said.

I think all kids should be allowed to play with Uzi machine guns. I even suggest let them play without supervision from an adult. Less risk of injury for the responsible ones.