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Joys of Singlehood

Posted in Social with tags , , on November 28, 2008 by Le Roi

At Yahoo! Dating, a list of 5 joys of singlehood during the holiday season. At the rate they post dating articles on their front page, I’ll soon give them their very own category. Here’s the list.

Joy #1: No In-Laws

Joy #2: No Expensive Gifts to Buy

Joy #3: The Mystery of MIstletoe

Joy #4: The Freedom to Flirt

Joy #5: Rejoice. Renew. Reflect

They also have two quotes one should reflect upon:

1. “The secret to the celebratory season lies in giving thanks for exactly where you are in life.”

2. “Strike up a conversation with every cutie you meet this holiday season.”

I think these two could be adapted to one, to-the-point, quote: “Celebrate this season: Strike every cutie you meet using lies: tell her she’s the secret to your life. Thank her after. ”

I knew it couldn’t be that bad for me this holiday season.