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Reclama fara ‘reach’

Posted in Online with tags , on December 17, 2008 by Le Roi

In loc sa publice, zilele acestea Republica a citit. Ce-a citit Republica? Nu, nu carti, ca nu stie sa dea paginile, fiind online.

Republica a citit:

Mircea Badea





Republica ii roaga pe aceasta cale pe cei 5 sa scrie si-n continuare ca sa aiba ce citi cand n-o avea chef sa scrie.

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Posted in Online, Say what?, Stiri/News with tags , on December 2, 2008 by Le Roi

America’s Most- And Least- Stolen Cars – Escalade at number 1? Who wants a gas guzzler?

J-Walk Holiday Gift Guide – I want the driver’s license.

The Mona Lisa suicide – A woman to die for.

Nokia Unveils the N97 – Thank you, Nokia. Just slim it down a bit.

Bush’s Joys and Regrets – He was unprepared for war. Luckily God told him to do it, else who knows what might’ve been…

CNN Daily Snapshot – Number 5 is a photo from Romania. Pretty.

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Posted in Online, Stiri/News with tags , on December 2, 2008 by Le Roi

Dupa 90 de ani.

Post scriptum alegeri parlamentare.

Geografia urnelor.

Rezultatele sportive. Sau muzicale. Sau politice.

Nimic interesant, dar ma gandeam sa fie 5.

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Posted in Online with tags , on November 19, 2008 by Le Roi

‘Meh’: Apathetic expression enters dictionary – Boredom excited the guys that print the Collins English Dictionary

High heels: Upward trend alarms docs – This is probably sabotage by the designers that create those nasty slippers women wear these days.

The Truth Behind Night Owls and Morning People – article that explains why I’m writing this instead of sleeping.

Italian soccer strategy gets a racy look – after Steaua, Zenga tries to dismantle a whole championship.

Drama on the high seas – Off to find my hook and my eyepatch! Ahoy mate!

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Posted in Online, Say what? with tags , on November 12, 2008 by Le Roi

Moghioros mioritzo – Ioi, Istenem… (BTW, cand vedeti pingbackul, se scrie Bedroom. Cu “r”. 🙂 )

Merita sa faci sex la serviciu? – Da.

Bani europeni cheltuiti pe dansuri lascive. – Din pacate, 80% din articol n-are nici o legatura. I ❤ Adevarul.

Romanii nu cred in criza. – I-auzi creditu` cum vine…

Ministerul Sanatatii transfera Primariei Capitalei mai multe spitale. – Asta s-ar putea sa fie un lucru sanatos.

New police car runs on biodiesel, detects WMDs. – un fel de Logan CPT de la ei.

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Posted in Online, Say what? with tags , on November 3, 2008 by Le Roi

Astazi e seara blogurilor. Uitandu-ma aiurea pe net am dat peste:

Din dragoste pentru Ea” si “Din dragoste pentru El” – Sper ca e doar un experiment/un test/o incercare morbida a cuiva de a se prezenta interesant. In caz contrar inseamna ca am avut dreptate, iubirea tampeste si doare si voi fugi in continuare de ea.

ASCII coder – Aici i-am gasit pe cei 2 de mai sus. Doare la ochi, dar e haios.

Laviniq. – cand plictiseala e mare si nu esti hotarat daca vrei sa fii ZF sau Cancan…

Mai gasisem cativa dar erau destul de jenanti incat dorinta de-a nu le face reclama a fost mai mare decat dorinta de-a tine cititorii multumiti.

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Posted in Online, Stiri/News with tags , on November 2, 2008 by Le Roi

Pretty little video. – One lucky motherfucker, one crazy motherfucker and one that I really would trust if I were in a car with him(that would be no. 2).

TSA mocked. – Guy carried all but the parts for a Sherman tank. He, of course, went undetected.

TSA mocked part 2. – TSA agent stole $200K worth of equipment. From the TSA, of course.

Study shows real women don’t want James Bond. – So that’s why I’m single! Figures…

Kid killed trick or treating. – Yahoo still thinks I’m in Boston. Kids under 10 don’t survive in Boston. I’m gone packing.