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Dem` Rednecks be paytreeotic.

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Zmarandescu deputat

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Cu o oarecare intarziere a ajuns si la mine stirea despre Catalin Zmarandescu care urmeaza sa candideze pentru un mandat de deputat din partea PNG-CD. Alaturi de el urmeaza sa candideze Helmut Duckadam si Ion Dichiseanu. Cred ca Zmarandescu ar fi mai potrivit in Parlamentul Taiwanului..

SNL VP Debate and Bailout Bill

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Sarah Palin – Debate Flow Chart

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Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

This will clear up how Sarah Palin was able to stay focused on the topics of the debate. Wait a minute… Debate topics? This seems like textbook “Politics for Dummies”. [via Daily Kos]

President says this chart contains tips&tricks for all women in politics when interviewed.

Where’s your permanent majority now?

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This NYT magazine article does an excellent job at summing up the disaffection of a wide class of republicans.  It’s really incredible how myopic the party management was: essentially taking for granted the continual devotion of moderates in their ranks, they pandered to the extremes.  Now the moderates are (fucking finally, really) beginning to grow some balls and defect and hold their comrades responsible.  The GOP has consigned itself to at least a few years in the political wilderness.  I hope they learn a lesson and come out from it improved: but for now, it seems necessary.

Also consider this survey of applied academic economists.  46% identify as Dems, 10% as GOP, and 44% as independent.  My suspicion is that a good number of those independents are disaffected former Republicans.  It’s pretty hard for even conservative economists to take themselves seriously and speak well of (only!) Bush’s economic track record, let alone foreign policy and social policy.  Economists are generally technocrats who believe they know how things ought to be run; nothing quite pisses the fuck out of them like sheer, overwhelming incompetence.