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Cand producatorii auto fac compromisuri, nu masini

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What is the most iconic sports car? I’d say the Porsche 911. What’s the most iconic sports saloon? BMW M5, Maserati Quattroporte? Remains to be seen. But when a sports car manufacturer creates a new car that looks like the Panamera, you start to wonder. It’ll be great, but why not make it good looking?

Jalopnik‘s got the photos…

P.S.: This is me not reporting on the Panamera…

911 Carrera 4 PDK has RWD Mode

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This has not been clearly revealed before in marketing materials:

If you get the 911 Carrera 4 with the PDK (Porsche Doppelkupplung) gearbox and you pull the handbrake to the first click that will disengage the transmission of power to the front wheels. The first click in the handbrake will not engage the handbrake.

Although it comes in handy, let’s say, for whipping the back end around in a tight U turn, or maybe a burnout, in the end you’ve still got the extra mass that comes with the AWD transmission. I think it’s useful in the same way as the burnout mode on the Ferrari F1 gearbox, to impress people with a burnout.

Rinspeed Tuning = Mansory

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Mansory “absorbed” the Porsche tuning division of Rinspeed. Rinspeed with keep doing their cars and concept vehicles. For other inquiries check out Mansory Switzerland.


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Today, on the way back from work, I saw one of these beauties on the street in Bucharest. In what seemed to be flat gray paint. This is from the legendary Porsche tuner. It’s a RUF-built car on their own chassis, 3.8L mid-mounted turbocharged engine (700HP), through a 6 speed sequential box, and 380mm Ceramic front brakes should give you an idea. Look to spend about 380,000 Euros. And remember it’s not the first in Romania. [RUF CTR 3]