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Obama 1(more) – Palin 0

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Governor Palin’s hometown newspaper, Anchorage Daily News – also Alaska’s largest newspaper, has endorsed Barack Obama for president.

How’s that for taking sides?

Sarah Palin meets Bush

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Complete video on the SNL website:Bush endorses Sarah Palin and John McCain.

Sarah Palin on SNL

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Oscilam daca sa postez sau nu, dar m-am uitat la altii mai mari(salut INconstantIN) care au pus clipul Sarah Palin Rap, asa ca mai jos este conferinta de presa pe care Sarah Palin a sustinut-o la SNL.

Video complet, pe siteul SNL.

SNL VP Debate and Bailout Bill

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Sarah Palin – Debate Flow Chart

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Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

This will clear up how Sarah Palin was able to stay focused on the topics of the debate. Wait a minute… Debate topics? This seems like textbook “Politics for Dummies”. [via Daily Kos]

President says this chart contains tips&tricks for all women in politics when interviewed.

Jay Leno jokes

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In a recent poll, 61% of those interviewed said they would rather see Sarah Palin in a bathing suit rather than Pamela Anderson. In the same poll, 99% of the interviewees said they would rather have Pamela Anderson for vicepresident.