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Jeremy Clarkson’s new DVD out November 3rd

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1.2L Punto

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Reliable gossip:

Pretty looking supercar. Unrelated to the text.

A new supercar comes out. You go out to buy it. You sit down to talk about it and you’re told how amazing the car is and what great service you’ll be getting from the dealer. You’ll get a fancy delivery, 24/7 service hours and replacement Fast&Furious car to match the capabilities of the car you’re going to buy. But they don’t even offer you a cup of coffee. You sign the papers. You don’t even get a coffee. Then comes the downpayment. You’re not even offered a glass of water, let alone a coffee. You take ownership. No fancy delivery. And no coffee. You call for a technical problem. 24/7 becomes ‘let’s talk on Monday, since tomorrow’s Friday.’ So it begins:

  • Monday: “visit Wednesday”.
  • Wednesday, when you get there, problem’s not apparent so you’re being sent off: “No apparent problem, nothing to report”. Still no coffee for you. Problem reappears, you’re told to bring the car next Monday, and that they’ll give you the replacement F&F car.
  • Next Monday: The replacement car is not the furious beast they told you, but more of a rabid snail. And it doesn’t even come with some coffee. You leave pissed off.

On your way back home you ponder the situation and review the things you’ve been told against the way things really were and then it hits you: you just bought a 1.2L Punto for which you paid as if you just bought the whole Fiat range. Twice. And you didn’t even get a coffee.