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…and the winner is… uhh…

Posted in Politic with tags , , , , , on October 16, 2008 by Le Roi

Last night the final debate between Obama and McCain. Acording to a poll that CNN took after the debate, 58% of people felt Obama won it, while 31% felt McCain was the better one. The poll also indicates that the majority of people polled felt Obama would do a better job on the economy, health care, and taxes. Additionally, those polled felt Obama was more likable and the stronger leader.

According to a poll made by Politico, the score was 49% to 46% in favor of Obama, a much closer call. Politico says that the 3% margin is actually the margin of error, which implies that McCain has just as many chances as Obama.

The CBS poll shows Obama to be up at 53% while McCain was considered a winner by only 22%. 25% said it was a close call and they sided noone.

These polls remind me of an anecdote. It is said that in 1866, when Prussia was fighting Austria, a guy went to the newsstand to get a paper. He got it, paid for it, and before leaving looked at the headline and remarked “Oh, Prussia won the battle. I was hoping Austria would prevail…” The guy selling the newspapers exclaimed “Oh! Why didn’t you say so? If you wanted to read about Austria’s win, then you have to buy another newspaper!”

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Hey (Poll)Daddy!

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There’s a new feature that WordPress integrated(as I type this, WordPress is underlined as an erroneous word. Silly them, not adding it to the dictionary), called PollDaddy(hm, so is this one). It lets us, bloggers(this one too? Maybe it’s me…), add polls to the..well… blog. It’s fully customizable and it has some nice skins. I hereby salute this new feature that will serve the mischevious purposes of our (still) small republic by adding a custom poll. The skin made me think of the iPod nano so I selected it especially for the Zookeper.

Jay Leno jokes

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In a recent poll, 61% of those interviewed said they would rather see Sarah Palin in a bathing suit rather than Pamela Anderson. In the same poll, 99% of the interviewees said they would rather have Pamela Anderson for vicepresident.